Cyber Insurance

Protect your Business and Data from Cyber Criminals

Cyber Security Insurance

In this modern world, all businesses totally rely on technology to process a range of business activities.
Beit Email, Banking, HR, Payroll, Invoicing, stock control or merely checking the internet for local news! – technology plays a big part in all your core business activities in one shape or another.

Data we use, gather, collect, and share in-house is critical to your business operations, profit, and growth but sadly, also valuable to cyber criminals who will go to great lengths to get their hands on your data.

Cyber Breach

A cyber breach has the potential to interrupt or even stop, all your business operations. It also has potential to further damage external parties such as clients and suppliers which may be costly in terms of compensation, reputation, financial damage, legal action or even (dependant on the size of the breach) your business survival.

Common Causes of a Cyber Breach

What is included in a typical Cyber Policy?

Dependant on your unique policy, generally a cyber policy protects you for the following:

  • Financial losses incurred should your website or even your ISP goes down due to a cyber-attack
  • Company liability as a result of misuse of company email or similar systems
  • Damage to hardware or software systems due to malware or viruses due to potentially defamatory material on your business website or social media channels
  • Theft or unauthorised access to any sensitive or confidential data your business retains in its everyday activities

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Whatever your business, large or small, cyber insurance is vital to keep your business safe in the event of any breach. Speak with a member of our team and safeguard you, your business and your clients.

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