Agricultural Insurance

Insurance for the Agricultural Sector.

Agricultural Insurance

Located in the heart of Lincoln, you could say that agriculture and insurance are in our DNA.; after all, we have been dealing with agricultural and farming insurance in and around Lincolnshire for almost 100 years.

Being one of the largest arable areas in the UK means a diverse range of businesses cantered around farming, each with its own Agricultural Insurance requirements.

Whether you are a farmer growing cereal, an agricultural contractor providing services to the farming community, or the suppliers of much-needed Agri-products, Sills are your local specialist in the sector wherever you might be located in Lincolnshire.

What is Agricultural Insurance?

Agriculture has a vast spectrum of specialist areas, each having its own insurance needs, agriculture and farming have many specific cover requirements not found in other industry sectors, so it's essential any policy you have includes the covers your business needs.

A specialist farming insurance policy will protect you against a wide range of risks that those in the agricultural space can be exposed to. Fire, Flood, and Storm damage are typical examples.

Theft in farming can also be a high risk, whether farming machinery such as tractors and other implements, right through to livestock. An insurance policy for farmers will ensure your business asset are fully covered.

Is Public Liability insurance a requirement for a farming business?.

Sometimes, even with the best intentions, accidents involving the public can and do happen, injury on farming land, trips, slips and falls, customers or suppliers visiting the farm or even unruly livestock.

If an accident happens, you will likely be held responsible; Farmer's Public Liability insurance will ensure that you are well protected, it will provide legal defence, and if it's found that you were, in fact, negligent, it will pay compensation up to the limit of indemnity on the policy.

A Public Liability limit of indemnity is the maximum amount your insurer will give on the policy; this can be a standard amount such as £2m or £5m or an amount you request. Sometimes a higher amount may be required if, for example, you are a contractor, and your employer needs an increased limit. It is vital that you get this right; this is where we are here to help you make the right decisions when buying your insurance cover.

Employees can be injured just as much as the public, employers’ liability insurance is therefore essential when you employ labour in your business.

Agriculture Covers Include

Unfortunately, deaths and serious injuries occur in farming, livestock, chemicals, and agricultural machinery are all dangers that your employees are exposed to daily.

Farming needs employees, whether full-time in the business, part-time, or voluntary, on work experience; it's your responsibility to ensure a safe place of work. Sometimes even with the best protections, accidents happen; as the farmer, landowner or contractor, it's a legal requirement that Employers Liability Insurance is in place.

What insurance is available for farmers?.

Property Damage - This provides insurance cover for Farm buildings, specialist agricultural plants such as Silo's, agricultural machinery and attachments at the farm premises.

Farming Machinery - One of the most significant investments in agriculture and farming is the machinery used; whether you own them or are responsible for them, they can be very high values and need covering correctly, whether on the road or on farmland.

Livestock - from Cows to Pigs and everything between essential injury and death cover including selected diseases.

Farming vehicles used on the road - tractors, harvesters and other road-going plants and machinery. Farm Home - not forgetting one of the most critical places on the farm, your home and its contents.

Not quite farming - with farmers diversifying special events such as weddings and even breweries, we can cater or all of these, whether all wrapped up in one policy or specialist individual hospitality policies.

At Sills Insurance, we have provided insurance for agricultural businesses throughout Lincolnshire and beyond for decades. Our commercial insurance specialists fully understand your needs. All our products are built to your requirements, not just a package of covers, whether you need them or not.