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Specialist Insurance for the Print Business Sector

Printers Insurance

The print sector has moved on considerably since the days of the letterpress. Whether your business specialises in just one area of print or you cover a broader footprint in the industry, digital print, wide format or direct-to-garment, having a printer's insurance policy will provide you with comprehensive cover from policies designed for the print sector.

The print spectrum is vast, and what your business does can determine the type of cover you need for your business; the equipment required by a Lithographic Printer, or Digital Printer is different to a Screen Printer.

What is Printers Insurance?

Luckily for those in the print industry, some policies are designed specifically for your business.

They can provide the cover you require, all wrapped up in one policy, starting with cover for the equipment and other business assets. Business continuity protection in the form of Business Interruption, keeping you in business should the worst happen, to Liability Insurance providing defence against allegations against you for damage or injury to a member of the public.

Essential employers' liability insurance is an option on a printer's insurance policy, covering your legal duty to have cover in place when you employ people. The Printing industry needs specialist covers; when you have a print business policy, many vital covers are already standard in your policy.


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What does a printer's insurance cover?.

You will have probably built up your machinery and contents over some time; you might have costly digital printing equipment that is leased, and this needs to be covered for its total replacement value, as does the rest of the ancillary equipment.

Your business equipment can be damaged and at risk from many weather perils, Storm Damage, Fire, Flood and even Theft Damage.

In the world of digital print, computers have replaced the clunky heavy machinery; technology plays a huge part in the workings of your business, so it's essential that your insurance cover matches the quality of your equipment, ensuring that should the worst happen, you can quickly get back to work.

Working from premises, it's inevitable that if anything more than a small loss occurs, your business might need to close for some time; having business interruption cover ensures that your business stays in business whilst repairs or rebuilds are carried out.

Suppose someone came to your business premises and was injured; a simple slip in the reception area can be costly, liability insurance is considered essential protection.

Public Liability insurance for printers will provide cover should it be alleged you or your business has caused loss or damage to a third party, it will provide legal protection in the form of defence, and if you are found to have been negligent, then the policy will provide compensation too.

Find out more about Public Liability and how it protects your business.

Product liability insurance works very similarly to public liability insurance; the difference is that if loss, damage or injury is alleged to have been caused by one of your products, you will be legally defended and covered for compensation.

As your business grows, it's inevitable that you will need to employ people; once this happens, Employer's Liability is not only essential, it's a legal requirement. You can add employers' liability quite easily to a printer's policy.

What are other insurance covers available on a printer's policy?

With modern printing being as much about technology driving it as the machinery to print it, the cost of computer systems can be high.

Computer Insurance for a print business will cover the hardware, and whilst the software is probably cloud-based, there are still risks and exposures that a print business can have.

Reinstatement of data can be time-consuming, as can computers breaking down; it's prudent to consider cover such as these so any break in production is kept to an absolute minimum. Cyber Insurance, is not something that most businesses consider happening to them.

Cyber insurance is a valuable cover for a printing business; think what a ransomware attack could do to your business, lengthy downtime, corrupted customer files, damaged hardware, and what if the production side is affected too via the network? That could be very costly.

Legal Expenses insurance, usually included within quality printers' business insurance, it provides essential legal covers and employment disputes. If you are investigated by HMRC, the cover is included for that too. Whilst there are restrictions to these types of policies, they are valuable to any business. Legal Advice Lines by themselves are vital, as is the array of legal documents made available to you.

Of course, many other types of insurance are specific to printers -
Libel & Slander cover
Breach of copyright
Operator Error
Professional Indemnity Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance
Directors & Officers Liability

What type of print business would a Printers Policy cover?

Being a vast sector and whilst specific printers insurance package products are available, one size definitely doesn't fit all.

The needs of a screen printer, printing t-shirts, direct-to-garment printing and even 3d Printing and Prototyping are all different.

At Sills Insurance Brokers, we first understand your business and its needs and then recommend the best product to fit your needs, whether an off-the-shelf printer's business insurance package or one that we put together specific to the business.

We can cover all types of printing businesses, below is just a few of the sectors we can help find the best insurance.

Digital Printers Insurance
Direct to Garment Printers Insurance
Lithographic Printers Insurance
Reprographics 3d Printers Insurance
Print & Copy Shop Insurance
Magazine and Book Printers
Screen Printers Insurance

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