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JE Sills & Sons Ltd | Paul Banton - MD Ruddocks

Paul Banton | MD Ruddocks

David first started working with us about two years ago now. We got in well in advance of our renewal date which is a big help because it gives you time to review your policies properly. In the first year that David came in, it quite surprised me, he actually managed to get an offer on the table from our existing insurers who specialise in the print industry for 30% less than we were paying with our previous broker and that 30% amounted to about £5,000.Watch the video Testimonial here
JE Sills & Sons Ltd | Mrs P Curtis Testimonial

Mrs P Curtis

As this was a first for me, I found the staff very helpful throughout the whole process. Many Thanks.
JE Sills & Sons Ltd | Mr K R Bannister Testimonial

Mr K R Bannister

At a very upsetting time Irene's help and advice was outstanding. She reassured us and made the whole incident hassle free. She was fantastic.
JE Sills & Sons Ltd | Mrs J Abbott Testimonial

Mrs J Abbott

I couldn't receive better service. The car was picked up by the garage and the repair begun and I was informed throughout. Very satisfied.
JE Sills & Sons Ltd | Mr G D Bedford Testimonial

Mr G D Bedford

We were looked after and advised very well. Excellent service.
Testimonial from Big Fat Pigeon for JE Sills & Sons Ltd of Lincoln

Big Fat Pigeon

I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to my family, friends and colleagues...

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Testimonial from Creative Contacts for JE Sills & Sons Ltd of Lincoln

Creative Contacts

I recommend that any business or individual seeking impartial professional and cost effective insurance and products...

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Testimonial from Ruddocks for JE Sills & Sons Ltd of Lincoln


You managed to save me over £5000 across both policies...

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Testimonial from Matrix for JE Sills & Sons Ltd of Lincoln


Your staff acted in a professional manner at all times...

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